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News: New board called Shoreline, which is a Chapter by Chapter discussion of Torment

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Author Topic: Fallen: Chapter 11- Rude Awakening  (Read 1278 times)
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Angels don't always have wings

« on: January 26, 2011, 07:08:33 PM »

  • Is the dream Luce had a past life, the future, or real?
  • Why is Gabbe there and not Arriane or Penn or Cam or Daniel? What can we infere by her response to Luce's comment on dreams?
  • Why did Arriane show up right when she did? Angel intuition or bad timing?
  • In the human world how did Todd's neck break? Why did it break in the angelic sense? Why didnt the force save both Luce and Todd?
  • What is significant about Gabbe and Arriane's reactions to the mentioning about Miss Sophia?
  • Daniel found Luce and Todd. Why Daniel and not Cam?
  • Why is Daniel playing so hot and cold with Luce when we know he's all hot?
  • Is there a connection between Todd and Trevor?
  • Why does Daniel say sorry? Why did he get her what he knows is her favorite flower?
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