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News: New board called Shoreline, which is a Chapter by Chapter discussion of Torment

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Author Topic: Fallen: Chapter 18- The Buried War  (Read 1173 times)
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Angels don't always have wings

« on: January 27, 2011, 06:08:55 PM »

  • Are the locusts alluding to the Bible?
  • Why are Luce and Penn really such good friends? She said that she felt a pain for Penn like she did saying goodbye to Callie.
  • Why is Daniel atop the masoleum? What is going on? What if Luce hadnt told anyone she and Daniel kissed, but just kept the whole thing a secret, where would they be?
  • Luce just told Daniel that she knows he is an angel. Why does he want to hear it again?
  • What is the truth that they keep talking about? What truce are they refering to? What is Cam "desperate" for? Does Cam want her dead? (see. pg. 399. Cam: "You know why. She's still here.")
  • What is wrong with Miss Sophia? What was she saying?
  • Arriane said the cycle could be broken but not in the way that they want it to. What ways are those?
  • Did Penn really have to die?
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